Amarok Epic

Volkswagen Amarok 2017

Producing this series of product films and TV spots for the launch of the new Volkswagen Amarok V6 with Ogilvy Cape Town ( ) was an epic endeavour.

High speed chases, off-road antics on cliff edges, trucks, motorbikes, stunt men, explosions, drones and fighting weather all made for an exhilarating 8 day shoot.

In the winter of 2016 we set out to shoot 5 different Amarok variants at approximately 25 locations which ranged from suburban homes to city roads, open highways to rugged mountains and hard to reach off-road trails. 

It was an action packed two weeks. With an incredible crew and enough coffee to keep us going we travelled through hill and dale to get our shots.

Amarok Nick Justin

The Ogilvy team owning the road

First up was the explosive stunt with rigging by the Stunt Network ( with Mo at the helm. The lead actor, Tyrone Keogh managed to pull off all of his own stunts. Here he is practicing for the big moment.

The explosives were handled by Michael from Gravitron (

Testing out explosive rigs is always a good idea! We beefed up the explosion on set and then added a little extra in post. 


That was all on day one!

The next few days were spent shooting at various city locations before heading out to the mountains. Shooting a five minute product film alongside two TVC's meant that everything had to run like clockwork. For that we had our trusty ring leader/Major Lieutenant: Nick Lorentz


Nick Lorentz, spotted here here giving a lift to favourite client and keeper of the Amarok spirit, Tarryn Knight.

Shooting with drones and multiple tracking vehicles, we captured the Amarok variants in their natural habitat.   Getting the Amaroks to the locations was the easy part.  Getting crew and gear there took a little more effort.



Toni Schoeman

The weather sometimes didn't play along, but the spirit of the crew was never broken. 

One of the shoot highlights was shooting at the edge of a cliff at the famous Matroosberg Mountains. Stunt driver Gideon Von Schoor claimed that stopping the vehicle a few meters short of the 600m vertical cliff was probably the most thrilling stunt he has achieved to date.  Of course Mo Marais and his rigging team ensured that safety came first.



The Grade 4  trail up to the cliff at Matroosberg was easily conquered by the new Amarok.  Matroosberg Farm owner Andre stated that it was one of the best vehicles he had ever driven up the famous 4x4 road he constructed, a testament to the abilities of this impressive bakkie.

Even after long days up mountains there was still some humour left for the trip home. Although the excitement of a day of stunts on a cliff edge proved too much for fearless agency leader Nicholas Wittenberg seen fooling around below.

Gordon Midgley from Deliverance ( did a sterling job of cutting multiple versions for each market and post house extraordinaire Black Ginger ( added that extra polish.

Tyrone MacKay of Heart Media ( handled the title animation.

A successful project with happy clients from VW Head Office in Germany as well as their global satellite offices.  

Below is the gallery of some moments on what felt like a feature film.



Volkswagen Amarok | Stuntman


Advertising agency: Ogilvy Cape Town
Head of Broadcast: Cathy Day
Exec creative director: Tseliso Rangaka
Exec creative director: Nicholas Wittenberg
Creative Group Head: Justin Enderstein
Copywriter: Jenna Smith
Managing Partner: Vicki Hey
Group Account Director: Stuart Randall
Director: Bruno Bossi
DOP: Paul Gilpin
Executive producer: Kirsten Clarence
Post production: Black Ginger
Titling and animation: Heart Media
Editor: Gordon Midgley @ Deliverance
Music composition: Audio Militia
Final mix: We Love Jam
Production design: Will Boyes

Volkswagen Amarok | Journey (Argentina)